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“To be poor in spirit is to claim nothing as ours by right, but to reconcile to God, at all levels, the demands of self-seeking, self-preservation, and self-security.”
—From the Vows of the Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine


Issue 1 | Volume 2 | Fall 2019

Trimming our sails — Matthew Townsend

Tough talk — Linda Nicholls

Something we can’t afford to miss — Mark MacDonald

‘Enough’ is enough — Maggie Helwig

The unpaid labourers — Matt Gardner

‘We’re all in it together’ — Joelle Kidd

Caught in a wave — Tali Folkins

How much should I give? — Susan Graham Walker

The paradox of poverty — Joelle Kidd

Debt in interfaith perspective — Compiled by Matthew Townsend

Cover image: The Rev. Richard Bruyere baptizes a new member of the faith. Photo: Contributed

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