Elvis Priestley not demeaning worship

Published June 1, 2003

Dear editor,

I do not imagine Douglas Barrett of Newfoundland and Labrador (April 2003 letters) was present at the service in Newmarket, which Rev. Dorian Baxter presided over. I was and a more sincere and compassionate priest would be hard to find. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident in that hall.

Traveling an hour and a half to church every Sunday is not a viable alternative to my own parish church, however, I returned a month later and Mr. Baxter continues to attract upwards of 200 people to his weekly service – a new congregation in a new area and a congregation from every age group.

I do not think he is “demeaning or cheapening the worship of almighty God.”

Sheila Hawkins

Victoria Harbour, Ont.

Faithful Anglican

Dear editor,

I was very disappointed to read in the February issue of the church’s action against Rev. Dorian Baxter. I have known Dorian for 13 years and always found him to be a very sincere devout Christian and faithful Anglican.

Dorian above all followed our Lord’s teachings to take his teachings to all peoples, and there are many who would never have been brought to our Lord if they had not come in contact with Dorian.

Was not our Lord crucified because he displeased the Jewish leaders of the day by preaching to people whom they did not approve of? I have seen Dorian in action with young people, young people whom one doesn’t see in churches every Sunday, because the Church does not speak to them.

I pray that there will be a healing between the church and Dorian, for the church needs evangelists like him, but at times I think that the Anglican church only gives lip service to evangelism. What is it afraid of?

Albert Hague

Elliot Lake, Ont.


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