Editor’s note: A moratorium on letters about homosexuality?

Published December 1, 2007

In October we asked readers whether they would like a moratorium on letters on the issues of homosexuality and same-sex blessings. The question stirred strong reactions from readers: we received about 110 letters, split evenly between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Many readers wrote that they are exhausted with the topic and there is nothing new to be said; others suggested that as long as the church is preoccupied with issues of sexuality and blessings of gay couples, the Anglican Journal’s letters pages should reflect that reality. Then, typical of a church that is known for the via media (the middle way), there were perhaps a dozen letters that suggested instead of a strict moratorium that the Journal publish up to two to four letters – and no more – on sexuality. We take the readers’ counsel on this, then, and will limit the letters on sexuality to two to four per issue. Letter writers are encouraged to keep their letters brief, as this allows for more voices to be shared with the readership; preference will be given to letters that express new ideas and those that further advance a dialogue. Letters are selected for publication based on clarity, originality and relevance to the Journal readership.


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