Ecumenical venture

Published December 1, 2003

St. Thomas’ church, Sherwood Park, in the diocese of Edmonton, joined nine parishes of other denominations to sponsor the Strathcona County’s 14th Annual Ecumenical Mission from Nov. 9-12. The guest speaker for all sessions was Thomas Collins, archbishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Edmonton since 1999. He was scheduled to visit Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, United and Presbyterian churches in and around Sherwood Park . “In part, the theme of this year’s ecumenical mission is that the church today is also under siege, and living the Christian life continues to involve a lot of struggle and heartache,” said Rev. Wilf Murchland of Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Sherwood Park. “The message of the Book of Revelations is just as important today, in that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and there is cause for inspiration and hope.”


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