Ecclesiastical Province
of Ontario

Published February 1, 1999

Focus on healing

The Diocese of Keewatin?s synod in March focused on healing and reconciliation within Native communities, against the background of revelations of abuse at church-operated residential schools. Synod delegates listened to testimony from those who attended, or had family who attended, residential schools. An advisory group to Bishop Gordon Beardy, who is Cree, recommended an action plan, including the formation of healing teams and the provision of education and treatment/therapy. The recommendation was passed unanimously. The synod was held in the largely-Native community of Norway House, which is in northern Manitoba.

Keewatin and interviews

Former rector sues

Daniel Webb, a former Anglican minister, has filed a lawsuit seeking nearly $4 million in damages against Kitchener-Waterloo police, alleging that his right to equal protection under the law was violated when he was arrested in 1993 in a homosexual sweep operation in a public park.

Mr. Webb, now 62, lost his job as rector of St. John?s church in Cambridge. He has testified that his life has been ?hell? since the arrest, which had the effect of revealing his sexual orientation to the community, his parish, his ex-wife and his two sons. A charge of sexual assault was withdrawn by the Crown when the undercover police officer who was approached by Mr. Webb failed to appear in court to testify.

News reports

Dean appointed

Rev. George Bruce, 57, was appointed dean of St. George?s Cathedral in Kingston, in the Diocese of Ontario. Formerly rector of St. James the Apostle in Perth, Ont., Mr. Bruce came to the ministry after a career in the Canadian Forces. His interests include Christian education, youth ministry, social justice and ecumenism.


Choosing hope

Homelessness will be the subject of a documentary called Choosing Hope, being produced by the Community Ministries Board of the Diocese of Ottawa. The film recently received a $5,000 grant from regional government and a small grant from the national church. The filmmakers are expanding the scope of the documentary to a half-hour film from a 10-minute one and are seeking additional funding from corporations and individuals.



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