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Published November 1, 1998

Memorial garden built for ashes

Christ Church in Edmonton has constructed a memorial garden in which people may place the ashes of their loved ones.

The garden offers an alternative for people who do not wish the traditional form of burial but want something closely connected with the church.

Only ashes may be buried in the garden, not urns. Trees, shrubs and perennial plants are now growing on the grounds next to the church.

The memorial garden has been several years in the making and was entirely financed by donations.

A trust fund has been established to ensure the garden continues to be properly cared for.

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Eagle stolen from church

A brass sculpture of an eagle which has played a central role in St. James’ Church in Winnipeg since the early part of this century has been stolen.

The theft of the eagle affectionately known as Oscar was the climax of a series of acts of vandalism at the church this year. The eagle, valued at about $30,000, sat on top of the plinth with a Bible resting in its outstretched wings. Each Sunday the Bible was read from atop the eagle, a symbol which is bound up with John the Evangelist.

The sculpture dates back to 1910 and was given in memory of Rev. Herbert Cowley.

The church is advising other Anglican churches to photograph all objects in their churches for later identification and to keep their churches as secure as possible in order to prevent something similar happening.

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