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Published November 1, 1998

Land records saved on single disk

The Diocese of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., has found a practical way to keep track of land records. Every property document in the diocese, about 2,500 records in all, has been saved in a data base that occupies a single computer disk. Putting the land records on disk has been a year-long project. “We have gone through every form of paper we have,” said diocesan archivist Brian Cuthbertson. “We can now say with confidence whether or not we have a record and, if we do, where it is.” Mr. Cuthbertson said the data base is “very innovative. There is absolutely nothing like it in any other diocese across Canada. It’s the first to be done in a professional, modern way.”

He credited its success to the hard work of library technician Lorraine Slopek.

Diocesan Times

New Brunswicker named chancellor

Ron Stevenson, a retired justice of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick, has been named chancellor to General Synod. He was appointed by the Council of General Synod after the Primate nominated him in July. Mr. Stevenson replaces Mr. Justice David Wright of Saskatoon as the legal adviser to the Primate in his job as President of General Synod and chair of thecouncil.

Mr. Stevenson is a self-described “synod junkie.” He has been a member of the New Brunswick diocesan synod for more than 35 years and served as diocesan chancellor from 1977 to 1989. Since 1989 he has been chancellor of the provincial synod and has been a lay delegate to General Synod seven times.

New Brunswick Anglican


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