Diocese of Quebec investigates ‘accounting irregularities’

Published February 1, 2007

Former treasurer Rev. Rodney Clark resigned from the diocese of Quebec.

The diocese of Quebec has launched an investigation into “some significant accounting irregularities” that were discovered in the wake of the resignation of its former treasurer, Rev. Rodney Clark, who also served as treasurer of the diocese’s Church Society and archdeacon of its North Shore deanery.

Diocesan chancellor (legal adviser) David Blair declined to comment on the situation while an investigation is underway, but he said, “there’s no allegation at the moment of any illegal activity.” He added that the diocese had “some concerns just about the way the accounting was being handled and what was going on within the accounting for the Church Society.” Mr. Clark did not return e-mails from the Anglican Journal.

(The Church Society funds mission and Christian education in the diocese of Quebec; it also provides about a third of the funds to support the bishop and the administration of the diocese. In recent years, its mission work has focused on assisting non-self supporting parishes.)

Mr. Clark also served as a member of the compensation committee of the Council of the North, a grouping of 11 financially-assisted dioceses, including Quebec. Those duties ceased upon his resignation.

Information about Mr. Clark’s resignation and the investigation were posted on the diocesan Web site. Michael Boden has been appointed by Archbishop Bruce Stavert, bishop of the diocese of Quebec, as treasurer of synod; the central board of the Church Society has also appointed him as its interim treasurer.

Mr. Blair said Mr. Clark is now a priest on leave in the diocese of Quebec and will not have any parish or diocesan responsibilities. “He’s been given what’s called a licence on leave and he has the permission to assist the bishop of Montreal (Mr. Clark now resides in Montreal) if the bishop of Montreal asks him.”


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