Diocesan elder, first of its kind

Published December 1, 2008

In recognition of his efforts to bring aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples together, Rev. Arthur Anderson, of the Parish of the Cree People, has been inducted diocesan elder by the bishop of the diocese of Qu’Appelle, Greg Kerr-Wilson.

The title, the first-of-its kind not just in the diocese but in Anglican churches across Canada, was bestowed on Mr. Arthurson by Bishop Kerr-Wilson at a ceremony attended by about 150 people in the gym of George Gordon Education Centre, George Gordon First Nations, on Sept. 14.

“To some it (the designation) will mean nothing. For others it is a great time to celebrate. It means, with God’s help, I will walk among them in their pain, isolation, inequality, loss and times of celebration,” said Mr. Anderson, who was ordained a priest in 1988.

Also present at the ceremony was the national Anglican indigenous bishop, Mark MacDonald, and the chief of Gordon First Nations, Ken Sinclair.


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