Diocesan editors tell us …what the newspaper network means to them

Published May 2, 2010

One of my fondest memories from childhood is sitting with my family at the dinner table, discussing matters of the day. It was usually a lively discussion and we were encouraged to share our point of view. While we rarely agreed with each other, we knew in some unspoken way that these discussions kept us together and even deepened our love for each other.

I think of The Anglican and the Anglican Journal in the same way. Each month the Anglican family across the country sits down to share news, offer opinions and generally hang out with each other. Like those family conversations of long ago, they are the glue that holds us together.

– Stuart Mann is editor of The Anglican, the newspaper of the diocese of Toronto.

The value of the Journal changed for me when I became a diocesan newspaper editor. Previously, I had scanned it for news of Anglican friends across Canada and to keep current on the “business” side of the church. But as a diocesan editor, I feel the Journal and its staff are my partners in informing readers of The Sower about all aspects of the activities, struggles and merits of our church.

Through the Journal I have been able to gain a wider audience for some outstanding stories happening in our diocese. We have much to learn from each other in the national church and the wider Anglican Communion. Personally, I look to the Journal to help me understand how all this affects the readers of The Sower. But I think it would be best if they read the Journal for themselves and formed their own opinions.

– Tim Christison is editor of The Sower, the newspaper of the diocese of Calgary.

As a diocesan newspaper editor 
I come into contact with Anglicans of all ages and all walks of life. The common bond they share is their distinctive faith journey as part of the larger Christian community.

Crosstalk, our award-winning diocesan newspaper, helps them in that journey. It’s a ministry of more than 60 years that provides news, information and entertainment for Anglican readers in an expansive jurisdiction that includes the nation’s capital as well as small rural farming and forestry communities. Our newspaper enjoys the support of readers and leaders alike.

It’s a “wonderful tool that we have and share,” writes Bishop John Chapman in his Crosstalk column. “I thank God for the storytellers, the artists, the debaters and the prophets and risk-takers. Those who take the risk to speak in the public forum enrich the lives and faith of we, the readers.”

– Art Babych is editor of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the diocese of Ottawa.

In print or electronic form, the Anglican Journal is a vital tool for the church to communicate its message. Positive stories share positive ideas that can be used elsewhere. They also convey encouragement and joy. These stories are a means of proclaiming to those outside the church that the church is alive and that God is at work in the world today. By helping us know and share these stories, the Journal helps build up the faith of church members as well as evangelizing those who are not yet members.

Stories of conflict and need direct us to prayer and action to bring about reconciliation and relief wherever needed. The Journal is a central prophetic voice in our church and binds us together across and beyond our nation. Its importance cannot be measured.

– The Rev. Patrick Tomalin is former editor of the Saskatchewan Anglican and former member of the Anglican Journal board of directors.


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