Council of General Synod – News in brief

Published May 10, 2009

CoGS elects deputy prolocutor Harry Huskins, executive archdeacon of the diocese of Algoma, was elected deputy prolocutor on the sixth ballot. The election became necessary after Stephen Andrews resigned from his position as prolocutor when he was elected Bishop of Algoma in October. Canon Robert Falby of the diocese of Toronto, who was deputy prolocutor, was consequently named prolocutor, leaving vacant the deputy’s position. (The prolocutor assists the primate and general secretary.)Anglican and United Church of Canada dialogue Council of General Synod (CoGS) commended to dioceses for review and comment the final report of the Anglican-United Church Dialogue (The St. Brigid’s Report), which explores the relationship between the two churches and possibilities for shared ministries. The resolution also directed the national Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee to receive and examine responses and bring a recommendation to General Synod regarding a renewed mandate for dialogue.Lutheran vote?CoGS agreed to direct the Handbook Concerns Committee and the Governance Working Group to propose the necessary canonical changes to allow for the full voting participation in the Council of General Synod by the representative of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. The two churches have been in full communion since 2001.National Aboriginal Day of Prayer plansCoGS agreed to authorize the Propers (prayers and parts of the liturgy specific to the day) for National Aboriginal Day of Prayer for use where permitted by the Ordinary, for trial and use and evaluation, until the meeting of the General Synod 2010


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