Committee members chosen to oversee General Synod work

Published September 1, 2001

The following are the results of elections at General Synod. This list does not include primatial appointments, which are pending and will be reported later. Council of General Synod

Primate, Michael Peers; Prolocutor, Dorothy Davies Flindall; Deputy Prolocutor, Archdeacon James Cowan; Chancellor, Ronald Stevenson; General Secretary, Archdeacon Jim Boyles.

Ecclesiastical Province of Canada: Bishop Donald Harvey, Bishop Fred Hiltz, Rev. Alan Perry, Rev. Glen Small, James Sweeny, Cynthia Haines Turner, Winston Walters, David Watts, Tanya White.

Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario: Bishop Peter Mason, Bishop Ralph Spence, Bishop Ann Tottenham, Rev. Bill Prentice, Robert Falby, David Gould, Betty Livingston, Eliza Webb, Matthew Kett.

Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land: Bishop Barry Hollowell, Bishop Victoria Matthews, Archbishop Tom Morgan, Rev. Helena-Rose Houldcroft, Rev. Iain Luke, Alfred Archambault, Peter Clarke, John Hareuther, Grant Hyslop, David Simailak, Yolanda Bird.

Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon: Archbishop David Crawley, Rev. Peter Elliott, Rev. Nick Parker, Dawn Ragan, Sally Tuckey, Sarah Usher, Alison Bent. Eco-Justice Committee

Matthew Kett, Toronto, Lay (Youth); Fiona Brownlee, Quebec, Lay; Rev. Sue Moxley, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Clergy; Rev. Douglas Highway, Brandon, Clergy; Sue Winn, Montreal, Lay; Rev. David Ashdown, Keewatin, Clergy; Rev. Kenneth Gray, Kootenay, Clergy; Bishop Caleb Lawrence, Moosonee; Willy Hodgson, Qu’Appelle, Lay; Rev. Terry DeForest, Niagara, Clergy; Jennifer Davis, Ontario, Lay; Rev. Baxter Park, Military Ordinand, Clergy. Financial Management and Development Committee

Betty Livingston, Huron, Lay; David Horrocks, Toronto, Lay; Geoff Jackson, Ontario, Lay; Rev. Byron Barter, Western Newfoundland, Clergy; Stephen Koning, Calgary, Lay; Fred Poulter, Algoma, Lay; Rev. David Reid, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Clergy; Rev. Rod Andrews, New Westminster, Clergy; Robert Dickson, Edmonton, Lay. Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee

Bishop Fred Hiltz, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island; Rev. Michelle Staples, Ottawa, Clergy; Rev. Stephen Andrews, Saskatchewan, Clergy; Rev. Jane Humphreys, Huron, Clergy; Ann Cruickshank, Montreal, Lay; Rev. Helena-Rose Houldcroft, Qu’Appelle, Clergy; Rev. Peter Wall, Niagara, Clergy; Lela Zimmer, Cariboo, Lay; Rev. Felix Orji, New Westminster, Clergy; Walter Deller, Toronto, Lay; Rev. Murray Still, Rupert’s Land, Clergy; and Rev. Paula Sampson, Caledonia, Clergy. Information Resources Committee

James Sweeny, Quebec, Lay; Rev. Edward Lewis, Saskatoon, Clergy; Timothy Morgan, Rupert’s Land Lay (Youth); Judith Darling, Ottawa, Lay; Rev. Stephen Muir, Cariboo, Clergy; Bishop Barry Hollowell, Calgary; Rev. Wendy Fletcher-Marsh, New Westminster, Clergy; Peter Irish, Fredericton, Lay; Rev. Cheryl Kristolaitis, Algoma, Clergy; Jocelyn Laskey, Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Lay; Patricia Kennedy, Toronto, Lay. Partners in Mission Committee

David Watts, Fredericton, Lay; Rev. Kimberly Beard, Toronto, Clergy; Rev. Jennifer Davis, Montreal, Clergy; Rev. Benjamin Arreak, Arctic, Clergy; Julia Davies, Saskatoon, Lay; Amy Newell, Ottawa, Lay; Rev. Stephen Leung, New Westminster, Clergy; Jennifer Gosse, Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Clergy; Rev. John Steele, British Columbia, Clergy; and Eileen Scully, Huron, Lay. Pensions Committee

Bishop Donald Young, Central Newfoundland; Bishop Ann Tottenham, Toronto; Rev. John Sharpe, Fredericton, Clergy; Rev. Robert Osborne, Rupert’s Land, Clergy; James Stewart, Kootenay, Lay; and Stephen Adams, Huron, Lay.


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