Published June 1, 2004

Several Canadian dioceses have active refugee sponsorship programs including:

* British Columbia, which sponsored 37 families in the last three years, and is currently awaiting the arrival of five additional families;

* Huron, which welcomed six families (24 people) last year and has 18 sponsorships (76 people) in progress;

* Ontario, which received six Afghans before Christmas and a Congolese family last month.

They were inadvertently not included in a story about dioceses with active sponsorships (Refugees find help from church sponsorships, May 2004).


The funeral guide My Last Wishes by Cathy Rigby-Harley is available at the ACW office: 5732 College Street, Rm. 100, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 1X3.

Cost is not $5.95 as originally reported but $5.95 plus $1.13 to cover postage.


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