Christmas comes every Monday at St. Philip’s

Published December 1, 2007

The parish of St. Philip lives out the Christmas story every Monday. The parish is in partnership with a community initiative called Food for Life Store, which supplies fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice and dairy products at very competitive prices. It is located in a community centre in a predominantly low-income neighbourhood. Although not limited to that neighbourhood, word has spread to local churches to invite members and others to shop at the store. Weekly sales average $900 and plans are underway to expand opening hours into the evening to accommodate other families.

Open on Mondays only, it is run by volunteers who call themselves Women of Wealth. These volunteers are not wealthy by some financial standards, but are wealthy in commitment and motivation to offer a service to their community.

An offshoot of this initiative is Bread for Life. St. Philip volunteers pick up bread from a local bakery and deliver it to the neighbourhood Health Action Centre, who in turn deliver it to families in need.

Rev. Rita Brann
St. Philip Anglican Church
Diocese of Qu’Appelle


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