China photo gallery — Shanghai

Published June 1, 2005

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, greets worshippers at the Shanghai Community Church, where he was invited to preach.

Boys at Sunday school show off their Bibles.

Rev. Carol Hancock, the United Church of Canada’s general council minister for regional affairs, receives a wall clock as gift from Rev. Cao Sheng-jie, president of China Christian Council.

Shanghai Community Church choir at a Sunday service.

Chinese worshippers unable to get seats at crowded Shanghai Community Church content themselves with hearing mass via a television monitor.

Facade of Shanghai Community Church, located on Hengshan Road, which has 3,000 members.

The shops at Nanjing Road, a spectacular five-kilometre street that’s closed to vehicular traffic, offer a festival of lights at night.

Ellie Johnson, director of the Anglican Church of Canada’s partnerships department, and Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate, try their hand at the revolving wheel, one of the outdoor exercise machines at a senior centre run by the church-backed Amity Foundation.

Wax image of a Chinese painter at the Shanghai Historical Museum.

Woman prays fervently at altar of Shanghai Community Church.

Chinese man lounges at senior centre run by the Amity Foundation, which is funded by Protestant Chinese churches.

One of few remaining old buildings that have been preserved in ultra-modern Shanghai.

Chinese elder exercises outdoors at senior centre run by Protestant church-backed Amity Foundation. Homecare for the elderly is no longer an option for some urban families.

Modern China as showcased in Shanghai, where gigantic buildings are the norm.

Fantastic display of lights at Nanjing Road, where shopping lures locals and tourists alike.


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