China photo gallery — Kunming

Published June 1, 2005

Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, with women of the Miao minority group.

Miao woman and child.

Bible translator at Yi church.

Canadian ecumenical delegation obliges Miao villagers with the song, “Jesus Loves Me.”

Child on backpack inside Miao church.

Miao grandmother with grandchild.

Ellie Johnson, director of the Anglican Church of Canada’s Partnerships department, with Miao woman.

Canadian ecumenical delegation with pastors and elders of Yi minority group.

Margaret McGillivray, president of the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Women’s Missionary Society, prays with members of the Miao minority congregation.

(Left to right) Andrea Mann, regional mission co-ordinator for Asia, South Pacific and Middle East of the Anglican Church of Canada’s Partnerships department, enjoys a meal prepared by Miao villagers with Rev. Clarence Li, assistant priest at St. James’ Anglican church in Vancouver, Bern Jagunos, area secretary for East Asia and the Philippines of the United Church of Canada, and Rev. Carol Hancock, general council minister, regional relation, of the United Church of Canada.

Traditional mud hut in Miao village.

Mother and child attending a church service in the Miao village.

Patients pray for a new beginning at a drug rehabilitation centre run by the Amity Foundation.

Draft translation of scripture passage from Mandarin to Yi, a minority language.

Church of Pure Heart, a Yi church located in the county of Wuding, province of Kunming.


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