Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul

Published December 1, 2000

THE IDEA of Mom’s traditional remedy of chicken soup has led to a succession of effective books designed to appeal to a variety of people from children to golfers.

[pullquote] The latest of these, Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul, continues this formula.

In a series of short items the reader encounters uplifting stories designed to heal through a traditional application of mother’s favourite remedy.

Christian or not, there is something for everyone in this book. You can pick it up, open it anywhere, begin reading and feel better for having done so.

Some stories, like those from or about children, have a simple, uncomplicated point of view that adults will find delightful.

One story in particular, Grammy and God, deals with how a little girl explains and copes with the passing of her grandmother. Her description of how her gram went for a walk with God and was so tired that she accepted his invitation to go to His place and stay, simplifies one of the most confusing and painful experiences in anyone’s life.

Other stories may make you aware of your life and how it might be improved through change. One warning however. Do not read this book in places where it might be difficult to explain your tears to well-meaning strangers who might want to help.

Steve Brickenden is the editorial assistant to the Anglican Journal.


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