Charge dropped against journalist

Published September 1, 2000

The Crown has dropped a charge of obstructing a peace officer against freelance journalist Sue Careless.

Ms. Careless was arrested outside the Scott Abortion Clinic in Toronto on Oct. 15. She and Steve Jalsevac and Gord Truscott had been hired by anti-abortion newspaper the Interim, to report on a protest at the clinic by Linda Gibbons.

All three were charged that day and all three have now had their charges dropped, Ms. Careless on July 28 and Mr. Jalsevac and Mr. Truscott in June.

In a statement, Ms. Careless said she took no part in the demonstration nor did she hinder police when they arrested Ms. Gibbons. She said she was carrying press identification and stated repeatedly to the arresting officer that she was a journalist.

Ms. Gibbons was arrested after she refused to move from the “bubble zone,” a radius near abortion clinics inside of which protesters may not stray.


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