Canada news briefs: Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

Published May 1, 1999

Arts fund created

St. Christopher’s, Burlington, Ont., is hoping to revive the historic relationship between artists and the church. The parish has started a scholarship fund for local high school students to pursue arts in post secondary education. Scholarships could include study in dance, music, fine arts, film or drama. The fund, known as the St. Christopher’s Fellowship for the Promotion of the Arts in the Church, offers a way for parish members to honour others with gifts. To raise initial capital, the church is hosting concerts. Initially the church plans to offer two scholarships a year, but this could increase depending on the size of the fund. The first scholarships will be awarded this fall. Niagara Anglican

Healing circle uplifts bishop

Bishop Caleb Lawrence of the Diocese of Moosonee was moved and uplifted by his experience at a healing circle which was part of the most recent meeting of the Council for Indigenous Peoples. This national group is composed of indigenous and First Nations representatives from dioceses across Canada. Bishop Lawrence joined the council as liaison from the Council of the North. The healing circle allowed participants to share how the spirit of God worked in their lives. People also spoke of abuse, betrayal, injustice, exclusion, shame and denial. Many cried. A day spent in the healing circle was “one of the most profound retreat times” the bishop had ever experienced, he said. Northland

Arsonist sentenced

In an unusual sentence, an 18-year-old who burned down historic Trinity Church in Streetsville, Ont. last year will have to be involved with the congregation for two years. First the youth must apologize to the whole congregation. Then he must tithe for two years and perform 200 hours of volunteer work in church programs. Canon Harold Percy, rector of the parish, recommended the sentence. The youth was also put on probation for two years. The church was only months from completing a $1.5 million renovation when fire destroyed the building. “I didn’t want to see this kid go to jail,” said Mr. Percy. “On the other hand, I didn’t want to see him walk away without really having to deal with what he did.” Toronto Anglican


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