Canada briefs: Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

Published October 1, 1998

Flood victims thank church members

A couple who lost their home in Truro, N.S., to a flood in January, turned up to a St. John’s church barbecue to thank members for helping them get back on their feet.

Doug and Mariene Hamilton’s home was so badly damaged by water and ice it was condemned. Mr. Hamilton, a carpet factory worker, makes enough money that he was deemed ineligible for any flood assistance programs.

St. John’s stepped in to help that couple and others. They provided money for food, heat and some essentials the couple had lost in the flood. They also prayed for the couple and offered guidance in dealing with the Red Cross, lawyers, government and a trust company.

“We’re not even members of the church but they reached out to us,” Mr. Hamilton said. “It’s really amazing.” The couple is now living in a new home. Diocesan Times

Kenyan priest praises Fredericton

An Anglican priest from Kenya spent three months in Fredericton as the final official project of the companion diocese program that brought together Fredericton and Eldoret for 10 years. Samuel Githinji wrote a report, calling it “the visit of a lifetime.” He said “Canadians are shockingly polite. “There may not be many people in church on Sunday but the Christian spirit of charity is all over the land,” he said. He also praised the inclusiveness of society and said he felt safer in Canada than at home.New Brunswick Anglican


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