By the numbers. 3 emergencies earthquake+hurricane+cholera

Published February 1, 2011

7.0: Richter scale earthquake rating
1: category of Hurricane Tomas
3 million: total number of people affected
1.5 million: number of people displaced
300,000+: reported injuries
200,000+: final death toll
2,046: number of Canadian Forces personnel deployed
$2.1 million+: donations by Canadian Anglicans
$6.1 billion: aid pledged by 30 countries
42: percentage of aid spent
$906 million: additional aid being sought by the UN for 2011
24 million: metric tons of rubble; 5% cleared
900,000: number immunized
157,000: number infected by cholera
3,481: number of deaths from cholera
Sources: ACT, UN, Red Cross, USAID, PWRDF, BBC, CBC


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