By the Numbers

Published November 1, 2011

Sources: Women and the Church (Watch), Canadian Churchman, Anglican Communion Office, Anglican Journal Circulation database

6: Current number of women members of the Canadian House of Bishops out of a total 41

886: Active women clergy in the ACC as of June 2011; male clergy number 1,510

37: Percentage of women representing all active clergy

250: Retired female clergy in the ACC; retired male clergy number 1,220

16: Out of 38 provinces in the Anglican Communion consecrate women to the episcopate

1: Female primate out of 38 in the Anglican Communion

6: Out of 38 provinces have yet to approve the ordination of women to any order of ministry

30: Total number of women who have been elected or appointed bishops in the Anglican Communion, out of about 800 bishops worldwide.


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