A risen Christ hides in plain sight

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It cannot be business as usual

(This article first appeared in the October issue of the Anglican Journal) Statements of condemnation have been issued. Prayers have been said and rallies for

Will you drop us a line?

“I am 96—so if I don’t reply next year—I’m probably gone to be with God.”

Letters to the Editor, June 2017

Synodical government ‘has served church well’ Bishop Mark MacDonald notes similarities between synodical and parliamentary government, wondering whether this model is appropriate for church governance

As long as there are those who feel that it is their duty to protect the church’s image rather than come to the aid of God’s most vulnerable, children will continue to be at risk. Photo: PhotoDonato/Shutterstock

Challenging a culture of silence

In March, Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse released its initial report on how Australian institutions—including churches, schools, sports clubs and government organizations—have responded to allegations of child sexual abuse.

"Our Creator put us here on earth. He gave us different languages to use," says John Mosquito of the Nekaneet First Nation. Image: Goldenarts/Shutterstock

So-kaa-de-se-win* (The power of language)

Esther Wesley once attended a Sunday service at St. Alban’s Anglican Cathedral in Prince Albert, Sask., and could hardly believe it when she heard the entire congregation sing The Doxology in Cree.

As the battle for Aleppo intensifies, Toronto activists stage a rally Dec. 14 calling for the protection of civilians. The UN human rights office says it has received reports of civilians being killed, “either by intense bombardment or summary execution by pro-government forces.” Photo: M. Sison

Where’s the world’s outrage for Syria?

“What would make you care about Aleppo?” A CNN article carried this headline on its website in October, at the height of the Syrian and Russian military assault on east Aleppo, where about 275,000 civilians were trapped inside rebel- held parts of the city.

Photo: bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

A place of ‘sober second thought’

This month, the new members of Council of General Synod (CoGS)—who will help govern the church for the 2016-2019 triennium— meet for the first time.

Is it enough to simply remember and pray for the homeless and poor this Thanksgiving? Photo: Shutterstock

‘The hunger for justice’

As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving, some of us may decide to compose our own prayers.

In the aftermath of the same-sex marriage vote, relationships will need to be rebuilt-among bishops, among dioceses and among members. Photo: lightspring/ Shutterstock

Hard work lies ahead

In summing up General Synod’s debate and vote on same-sex marriage last July, Primate Fred Hiltz concluded:

“We have been deeply divided over the solemnizing of same-sex marriage for a very long time. That has not changed.”

Illustration: Shutterstock

What do you do during tough times?

Anglican Journal
interviewed some members of General Synod 2016 about how they will cope if deliberations at their meeting get heated.

The church at its worst, or best?

Fasten your seatbelts, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride at General Synod 2016.

This, more or less, is what Canadian Anglicans have been telling one another.

In five countries and in parts of two others, homosexuality is punishable by death – including death by stoning. Photo: Valentina Razumova/Shutterstock

Putting an end to the dark ages

When primates of the Anglican Communion issued a communiqué at the end of their meeting in January, media (including the Anglican Journal) focused on the “consequences” imposed on The Episcopal Church for allowing religious weddings for gay couples. It was, arguably, a development that needed to be reported prominently.

The church’s bishops are split three ways on the issue of same-sex marriage-yes, no, maybe.

Between a rock and a hard place

On February 29, the House of Bishops dropped a bombshell when it issued a statement that they were “not likely” to muster enough votes among themselves to pass a draft resolution allowing same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Finding the good isn’t an attitude one is supposed to summon up just for big, dramatic events. Illustration: R_LION_O/Shutterstock.

‘Find the good’

I am one of those people who go to the public library with no particular book or magazine in mind to check out. Instead, I case the shelves and wait for one or more to call out my name.

There are currently about 1.8 billion young people (ages 10 to 24), the largest youth population the world has ever seen, according to the United Nations Population Fund. Photo: Amanda Voisard/UN Photo

Putting children first

The primate in his New Year’s Day address delivered at Christ Church Cathedral in the heart of the nation’s capital, put the spotlight on the plight of vulnerable children and youth in Canada and around the world. (See p. 3.)

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