Bishops’ letter

Published September 1, 2000

As the bishops of the Episcopal Church USA, we send this message to you so that you may know of the strong bonds of affection we feel for you during this troubled time in the life of your community.

Your Primate, the Most Rev. Michael Peers, shared with us the latest developments in the financial crisis, which confronts your church, and he inspired us with the way in which you are determined to meet this challenge with both courage and faithfulness.

Therefore, we stand in admiration of your commitment to continue the mission of Jesus Christ. It is a witness to hope for all the world to see.

Please know that we will be with you in making this witness. We pledge to you our prayers, our support and our solidarity come what may through all the days ahead. We join you in looking to the future with confidence. We know that the love of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit will lead you to become a new creation to the glory of God and to the service of all of God’s people in Canada.

As Saint Paul says, we do not lose heart, but press on with you to claim the promise of our shared faith: a faith which you so clearly embody. May God bless you all. May God give you peace. And most of all, may God give you joy in knowing that you are deeply loved.


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