Bishop’s brother killed

Published April 1, 2003

The brother of Bishop Len Whitten of the diocese of Western Newfoundland was killed in a mine accident in Wabush, Nfld., on Feb. 13.

Bishop Whitten said in an interview that his brother, John Robert Whitten, who was 72, owned a business that serviced an iron ore mine. Mr. Whitten was killed when he was pinned between his tractor, which was stopped for refueling, and another that had slipped on the ice.

Bishop Whitten’s son, Christopher, was the doctor on duty at Labrador City when Mr. Whitten was brought in to the emergency room.

The bishop estimated that between 700 and 800 people filed through the funeral home to pay their respects. Bishop Whitten delivered the homily at his brother’s funeral.

Mr. Whitten leaves his wife, Joan, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who lives in Calgary.


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