Bishop meets Cantuar

Published December 1, 2005

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams met Nov. 3 with gay bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, whose consecration in 2003 sparked deep divisions within the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Communion News Service said in a press statement that, “The encounter came as part of the archbishop’s commitment to listening to the voices of all concerned in the current challenges facing the Anglican Communion.” No other details were provided. While in England, Bishop Robinson took part in a debate at the Oxford Union and attended the 10th anniversary commemoration of the gay pressure group Changing Attitudes, reported The Guardian newspaper. “He was given permission to attend the events by the archbishop and the diocesan bishops of London, Oxford and Manchester,” reported The Guardian. “But, although he can robe and wear his mitre, he has been told he may not officiate or preach at any of the services, though he will address them afterwards.” Some conservatives unsuccessfully lobbied the bishop of London, Richard Chartres, “to try to stop Bishop Robinson even entering a church during his visit,” it added.


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