Bishop calls recovery ‘remarkable’

Published October 1, 2004

Bishop Victoria Matthews of Edmonton began chemotherapy sessions in August after a delay caused by an infection in the aftermath of breast cancer surgery in June.

Bishop Matthews said that she expects to be back in her leadership role of the diocese of 59 congregations next year.

“I will not be having radiation so I anticipate being back to ministry in the new year,” she wrote in an e-mail to Anglican Journal.

Bishop Matthews said while the diagnosis of a grade 2 breast cancer (out of three possible grades) was serious, she was “heartened” by the pathology report from her surgeon, which noted that, “No cancer cells were found in any of the lymph nodes found during surgery.”

In mid-May, Bishop Matthews announced her withdrawal from the primatial election (held May 31) and the election for diocesan bishop of Toronto after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a message on the diocesan Web site, Bishop Matthews said her recovery “has been quite remarkable” and she was “acutely aware of the prayer support of the Body of Christ and I have felt carried by your love, care and intercessions.”

She added that the Breast Clinic and the Sturgeon Community Hospital provided her with pastoral care “of the highest calibre.”


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