Bishop Andrews hits the road

Published September 1, 2005

Bishop Rodney Andrews of the diocese of Saskatoon spent 14 days in June driving an antique tractor across his diocese to celebrate Saskatchewan’s 100th birthday and to raise funds for church causes.

The trek, which covered 1,500 kilometres and included 30 events attended by over 1,000 people raised more than $42,000. Proceeds will go to AIDS Africa, Camp Okema and flood relief in Saskatoon’s companion diocese of Guyana.

A parishioner in Evesham said the Tractor Trek was “the best thing to happen to this parish. They showed they cared enough to come.”

The bishop drove a 1952 John Deere model. Exhaust fumes were a problem and repairs were required en route, but John Deere dealerships lent a helping hand.

Towns enroute welcomed Bishop Andrews in various ways. Battleford roasted a 300-pound pig, while Delisle served coffee in an antique shop. Music was the highlight in Endeavour with two original songs celebrating the trek. There were parades down the main streets of Unity and Radisson while a young girl rode a mile on her unicycle in Borden and several members of the diocese joined the trek on their bicycles.


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