Big move

Published September 1, 2005

The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, an Anglican seminary in Saskatoon, on August 8 moved to share quarters with Lutheran Theological Seminary. Both institutions are located on the University of Saskatchewan’s campus.

The move is part of the college’s long-term plan for financial stability, said Principal Walter Deller. “Our existing buildings are expensive to operate and maintain. This allows us to reduce our expenses and also find ways to collaborate and work more closely together,” he said in a statement.

The college’s building is situated prominently at the university’s main entrance and the college is negotiating its sale to the university. Emmanuel and St. Chad will maintain offices and classrooms at the Lutheran seminary.

Last April, Emmanuel and St. Chad announced that it planned to close. An $8.5 million fundraising campaign, announced in October 2004, had attracted $900,000 by last spring. However, two donors permitted their combined gifts of $600,000 to be redirected to the college’s operations, a move that allowed the college to withdraw the closing notice.

In 2001, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada signed an agreement called Full Communion that committed the two national churches to a closer relationship.


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