Award recognizes artist’s windows

Published January 1, 2007

The Pentecostal “fire flower” is one of 36 award-winning windows at St. Barnabas-on-the-Desert Episcopal Campus in Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Canadian stained glass artist Sarah Hall’s work in the Gwen Harris Music Building at St. Barnabas-on-the-Desert Episcopal Campus in Paradise Valley, Ariz., has been honoured with a Ministry and Liturgy 2006 Stained Glass Award. The project was published in Ministry and Liturgy magazine in November.

The 36 clerestory windows encircle the entire building with over 82 square meters of glass. They were designed by Ms. Hall and created at Glasmalerei Peters in Paderborn, Germany. The windows were dedicated last April.  

“Desert Crossings” imagines the Christian story of death, resurrection and rebirth in a dramatic new way. The lyrical forms are based on a series of sketches by Ms. Hall drawn from the local desert: a poetic and painterly response to her experience in Arizona. The intensity that is gathered into the Pentecostal “fire flower” over the podium gives a dynamic power to the design.  The music building, created for concerts and rehearsals, was designed by Phoenix-based architect Hugh Knoell, Jr., of Knoell & Quidort Architects. A committee, chaired by Nancy Harvey and Peggy Iacobelli, sent out calls for entry to more than 40 known glass artists and reviewed the portfolios of 20 artists before selecting Ms. Hall.


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