Avid reader for 35 years sends cheers

Published September 1, 2005

Editor’s Note:

As the Anglican Journal marks its 130th anniversary, we would like to hear from readers: what were your favourite stories and features? What has the newspaper meant to you as an Anglican? In the coming issues, we will feature some of your recollections. Please write to [email protected] or Letters, Anglican Journal, 80 Hayden St., Toronto ON, M4Y 3G2.Dear editor,

I congratulate you on receiving the Award of Excellence (at the Associated Church Press Awards) and also on your 130 years of publication.

I am 88 years young so I have only been receiving a copy of the Anglican Journal for about 35 years – in Cornwall, Ont., Trinity Church and Lindsay, Ont., to date. I am always glad to see a copy in my mail each month.

I am rather confined in a retirement residence so the Journal keeps me up-to-date on so many developments in the diocese – the Anglican Church Women, appointments, and much more.

Hazel E. Harpur

Lindsay, Ont.

A great comfort

Dear editor,

Congratulations on the 130th celebration of excellent journalism and great editorials.

I write on behalf of my husband, a priest of the church, long retired and now in poor physical health.

The Journal is his only link to the outside Anglican Communion; he is able to keep up to date in these interesting if difficult times for our church. The Journal is a great comfort to ease the loneliness of being separated from his working brothers and sisters.

Pam Turpin



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