Solange DeSantis



Helping out in a stricken city

Gordon Soderberg, an expatriate Canadian, uses a tractor to tame the weed-choked vacant lots of the Lower Ninth Ward, one of the New Orleans neighbourhoods

Schism plans develop after U.S. meeting

The split between liberal and conservative Anglicans grew wider in September as bishops of the U.S. Episcopal Church reaffirmed their denomination’s more-inclusive stance on homosexuality

Book depicts some of Canada’s finest churches

The rather dry title Canadian Churches: an architectural history only hints at the riches within this enormous, comprehensive, stunningly beautiful survey of Christian houses of

Schools agreement will pay 80,000 former students

Rev. Andrew Wesley, who attended two residential schools, calls the schools settlement agreement a “good step toward healing.” The federal government began implementing the Indian

More dissident bishops for U.S.

As bishops of the Episcopal Church prepared for a late September meeting in New Orleans that was to include Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, three

International focus turns to U.S. bishops

The rift within the worldwide Anglican church over homosexuality is focusing attention on this month’s meeting, from Sept. 20-25, of the Episcopal Church’s bishops, since

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