Michael Peers



Our infrastructure rooted in tradition

‘What’s the holdup?’ IN SUNNY APRIL it’s hard to remember that my city had a couple of weeks in January that brought the place to

Everyone created good by God

I RECENTLY ACCEPTED an invitation to appear on a daytime interview on a new local TV station of Christian fundamentalist orientation. The invitation said I

Discovering God among distractions

‘when thine eye is single’ The other evening I decided to stop at a cable TV station that I normally flick past. On the screen

A mountain pass leads to peace

Last summer I spent a week driving alone in the American Rockies and Prairies, all on roads I had never driven before (except for Yellowstone

None of us is a stereotype to God

I SOMETIMES FIND driving in Britain stressful. This summer I dealt with not only the usual Yorkshire sheep, but once with a horse, galloping riderless,

Even traps may allow for growth

‘I’m a trapped Anglican.’ THESE ARE WORDS which a friend recently used in describing to me his situation at the moment. We live in different

Restrained peace was welcome

THE MOMENT IN the eucharist that has come to be called “passing the peace” is one of the indicators that I observe closely when I

Class system alive and well

RECENTLY THE NEW YORK TIMES did a front-page study of U.S. airlines, comparing life at the front of the plane with life at the back,

A statement from the Primate

Excerpts from a statement by Primate Michael Peers Among this newspaper’s readers are some who are confronting agonizing decisions about medical treatment for loved ones

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