Martha Tatarnic


Burnout is the whole church’s problem

In my recent book, Why Gather? and during the talks I’ve given about it across Canada, I’ve spoken openly about my struggle with burnout in

We Don’t Do That Anymore

On Ash Wednesday afternoon, I made my way through the snow to a last-minute appointment with a therapist.

A royal bridge-burning

What should the Commonwealth hear in Prince Harry’s tell-all—and what does it mean for the church?

Ministry is an impossible job

And why clergy burnout is something you should care about “I haven’t heard from you since March!” one parishioner said to me accusingly on the

‘We’re all rooting for you’

Reflections on beginning in ministry I can tell by the way you’re searching For something you can’t even name That you haven’t been able to

The body knows

My body has been shooting me a lot of false signals during this pandemic.

The Grace of Being Stuck

My friend Cheryl and I were planning a trip to the Holy Land during Lent. We were to fly out on March 8th and spend

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