Margaret Dinsdale


In the midst of plenty, despair

In summer, the trees conceal them. But now it’s a grey, chilly day at the end of November and the leaves have fallen. If you

Vision celebrates 10th year on airwaves

Tucked away on a quiet side street across from a Roman Catholic choir school and not far from the bustling Eaton Centre, is a modest

Gay rights case hot topic

Sexual orientation and human rights – two of the most emotive phrases of the late 20th century – made the Internet in a big way

Legalized gambling ‘unacceptable’

The spectre of widespread legalized gambling facilities operated by provincial governments has outraged faith groups across Canada and several Anglican bishops have called news conferences

Anglicans help pressure politicians

Anglicans are taking a vigorous part in multi-faith efforts to influence governments across Canada, from discussions with Premier Glen Clark in British Columbia to joining

Ottawa’s budget disappoints many

The president of the Canadian Council of Churches wasn’t impressed with the latest federal budget – but then neither was an analyst from the C.D.

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