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    The Rev. Jesse Zink is principal of Montreal Diocesan Theological College and canon theologian in the diocese of Montreal. His books include Backpacking through the Anglican Communion: A Search for Unity and Christianity and Catastrophe in South Sudan: Civil War, Migration, and the Rise of Dinka Anglicanism.

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Being an Anglican in an interconnected world

For some people, the answer to this question is straightforward: you shouldn’t. In the last generation, Anglicanism has fractured between, broadly, liberals and conservatives. The presenting issue has been the welcome the church offers to LGBTQ populations, but there are related issues of Scriptural interpretation, the role of women, and relationship to surrounding culture. The conflict has coincided with the rise of the internet and is set within the deeply rooted legacy of colonialism as well as the decline of church institutions in the Euro-Atlantic world and the shift of Christianity’s global centre of gravity to the south and east. The fractures have been evident within congregations, dioceses, and national churches, and across the global Anglican Communion.

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