Arctic community includes former clergy in opening of new, expanded church

Published July 3, 2007

The Arctic community of Salluit, in northern Quebec (pictured here from a hill above the town), has grown to a population of 1,200 from 250 a half-century ago; the town’s new church holds 450.

Bishops Andrew Atagotaaluk and Ben Arreak, the diocesan and suffragan bishops of the diocese of the Arctic, in mid-March presided over the consecration of a new, expanded St. James church in Salluit, located in northern Quebec. “St. James’ vestry invited people from all over Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) to come and join them in the celebrations,” including all clergy who had ministered there, Archdeacon David Ellis wrote in a recent letter to the Anglican Journal. Mr. Ellis, who served in Salluit 50 years ago, said the celebration lasted four days and included a showing of his slides “of the old Inuit way of life.” Salluit has grown to a population of 1,200 from 250 a half-century ago and the new church holds 450. “We rejoiced to observe the strong faith of so many and to observe also how the Anglican church is so much an integral part of the community,” he wrote.


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