Anglican takes United Church job

Published October 1, 2002

Walpole Island, Ont.

Rev. Laverne Jacobs, a Walpole Island priest who used to head General Synod?s native ministries department, has accepted a position doing the same work for the United Church.

Mr. Jacobs recently resigned his ministries at both the United and Anglican churches in his home community of Walpole Island – positions which he has held since 1996 and, before that, from 1975-82. He was General Synod?s coordinator of native ministries between 1987-1996. The position is a new one for the United Church.

?I recognized that I do have the skills to do the job and it is work that I enjoy, though it will be different,? said Mr. Jacobs.

He added that being the first to hold the United Church position will make the job daunting but exciting.


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