Anglican Journal wins 13 Canadian Church Press awards

The Anglican Journal won a first place award and two second place awards for layout and design at the recent Canadian Church Press convention.
The Anglican Journal won a first place award and two second place awards for layout and design at the recent Canadian Church Press convention.
Published May 14, 2012

The Anglican Journal won 13 awards, including a general excellence award in the national newspaper category, at this year’s Canadian Church Press (CCP) convention.

Two of the Journal’s publishing partners – Quebec Diocesan Gazette and Crosstalk – also took home honors.

The CCP, which is an association of 80 Canadian religious publications, met in Toronto May 1011.

“Strong front page with original, newsworthy reporting; challenging, well-written editorial, interesting columns and wide range of intelligent letters,” the judge wrote about the Anglican Journal‘s April, May and June 2011 issues, which received the general excellence award.

Editor Kristin Jenkins, who received the award, also won first place in the biographical profile category for Remembering Roy (May 2011). “A very moving account and fearless column in which you placed yourself squarely in the picture too,” the judge commented “…Good, good descriptive words. Great introduction and memorable close. An emotional, memorable read…”

Jenkins also received an honourable mention in the narrative category for her editorial, Walking a mile in their shoes (January 2011). “It opens a door on a reality that most are unfamiliar with. And it does so in a vivid, compelling fashion,” the judge commented.

Art director Saskia Rowley Fielder was recognized with a first place award in the newspaper/newsletter front page category for the May 2011 issue. “Excellent use of art and typographymany entry pointspolished presentation,” the judge commented. “Very well executedattractivewell-deserving of first place.”

Rowley Fielder also won two second place awardsfor feature layout and design (What’s next for Haiti?, February 2011) and layout and design of an edition (December 2011). “Attractive, clean, easy to readthe added touch of the Christmas ball in the masthead was well done and tasteful,” the judge commented about the Christmas issue.

Senior staff writer Marites N. Sison and staff writer Diana Swift won first place in the department-newspaper category for their news roundup/news briefs. “Strong mix of material, varied in length, angles, tones and style,” the judge commented.

Swift also won two third place awards. “Diana Swift consistently researches and writes timely, interesting pieces for the Anglican Journal,” the judge commented about her Special report on the military ordinariate (October 2011), which won for in-depth treatment of a news event. “This time, she wrote an interesting and provocative piece on military chaplains that describe the challenges faced by chaplain recruits and their struggle to not just “fit in” with military culture but also create ministries within it.”

Swift’s profile on Los Angeles Suffragan Bishop Mary D. Glasspool, Where God wants her to be (November 2011), was “well-written” and went “beyond a one-dimensional picture of a lesbian bishop much appreciated by readers,” the judge commented.

Staff writer Leigh Anne Williams won second place in the feature-newspaper category for her story about a once-troubled young man who found his spiritual home in an Anglican church, From Punk to Priest (January 2011). “Key moments/turning points touched on. Good quotes: add information and show character. Nice easy writing style,” the judge commented.

Third place awards also went to the Rev. Dr. Gary Nicolosi for The case for open communion (Opinion, May 2011) and the Rev. Canon Harold Munn (Column, Understanding Passover, April 2011; Being Spiritual, May 2011).

The former general secretary of General Synod (now Bishop of Uruguay), Michael Pollesel, was recognized with an honourable mention in the theological reflection category for Should we leave the money on the table? (September 2011).

Quebec Diocesan Gazette, the newspaper of the diocese of Quebec, received two first place awards. Jeffrey Metcalfe received the top award in the opinion/newspaper category for Mercenaries or Missionaries, which challenges the church to adopt an investment policy that values social responsibility over profit.  “The author does a nice job connecting his father’s post-retirement experience flying into communities in need of assistance to the Church and where it stands on investing mission,” the judge commented. “Imagery is also nicely leveraged, with an effective storytelling technique…”

In addition, author Louisa Blair received a first place award for her theological reflection,”The Tambourine Decree.” The judges commented: “This is a wonderful, original, well-written account, not just of one person’s or one family’s journey of faith through music, but of the unifying and deepening impact of music on human life and community. Louise Blair writes with flair and humour yet with amazing insight. That, in itself, is a testament to the gift and power of music, Her ecumenism, based on a shared and ever-expanding repertoire of sacred music, is exemplary.”

Crosstalk, the newspaper of the diocese of Ottawa, received a third place award for its news story,  High youth suicide clouds visit to Moose Factory, written by Margret Brady. The judges commented: “The words and pictures work together to show the dreadful problem of Native youth suicide.”

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