Anglican anxiety

Published April 1, 2012

It seems to me that the usual Anglican anxiety about the (declining) state of the church and George Sumner’s letter (Spiritual new wave, Jan. 2012, p. 5) are related. In response to the first, I’d like to say only that “stability” isn’t a bad word and it might even be a good value—gasp—for the Anglican church to adopt when considering our fast-paced changing world. As for Sumner’s letter: Yes, what often masquerades as “prophetic,” “new” and “bold” in the church (usually in response to our institutional anxieties) are actually none of those things. The same old heresies get trotted out over and over again. Sometimes they’re cleverly repackaged, but I think it’s a grave mistake (not to mention dishonest) to pretend that they are somehow “fresh” and “exciting.” I love the Anglican church. That’s why I joined. I’m not worried if we’re relevant or “accessible” or even “prophetic.” “Rich” and “influential” are even lower on my list. “Faithful” is good enough for me.


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