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Published December 1, 2002

Mississauga, Ont.

Council of General Synod voted to receive a proposed policy on gambling and asked the EcoJustice committee to work with the Council of Indigenous Peoples to develop the statement further. It asked the committee to provide dioceses with educational material and to monitor government sponsored gambling activities.

  • The planning and agenda team will review programs of each committee, council and board of General Synod.
  • CoGS approved the development of a communications plan for General Synod by the Information Resources committee; the hiring of a director of communications was referred to the officers of General Synod.
  • Council voted to disassociate itself from statements made by one of its members, James Sweeny of Quebec, about the pensions committee, the trustees and the director of pensions, Jenny Mason, and reaffirmed its trust in their integrity.
  • CoGs agreed that the board of the Anglican Journal Corp. will take over publication of the Anglican Journal on Jan.1, 2003, and authorized a financial campaign for the Journal.
  • Faith Worship and Ministry committee will consult with the General Synod planning committee and the house of bishops to ensure that the blessing of same-sex unions is before General Synod in 2004.
  • With respect to climate change, council endorsed a World Council of Churches document entitled Call to Action in Solidarity with Those Most Affected; it asked that a letter be sent to the prime minister supporting ratification of the Kyoto protocols
  • CoGs affirmed its commitment to racial justice, adapting a resolution of the Anglican Consultative Council.
  • It affirmed ACC resolutions concerning Israel and Palestine, Iraq, and expressed solidarity with the U.S. Episcopal church’s position on war with Iraq.
  • CoGs congratulated the primate on the 25th anniversary of his consecration as bishop.
  • Council appointed Rev. Francois Trottier of Ottawa, to the board of directors of KAIROS.
  • Dates for the next General Synod were changed to May 28-June 4, 2004 in St. Catharines, Ont. The theme will be Water into Wine.


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