Accidents plague gathering

Published October 1, 2002

Archbishop David Gitari, leader of the Anglican church in Kenya, escaped injury when the car he was in struck a police vehicle.


Anglican Archbishop of Kenya David Gitari escaped death by a whisker when his vehicle collided with a police car in September.

The accident occurred when the outspoken clergyman was travelling from his rural home in Kirinyaga District to Nairobi.

The vehicles were travelling in the same direction and collided after negotiating a sharp turn on Thika highway near Thika town.

The crash left Archbishop Gitari, his driver, and two traffic officers in the police car badly shaken but otherwise unharmed.

It was the third accident involving Anglicans in two weeks.

Earlier, five women from Kakamega and a 6-year-old child were killed when their bus crashed near Chepsir market, 20 kilometres from Kericho Town, as they were travelling to Mombasa for a five-day convention of the Anglican church?s Mothers? Union.

After the Mothers? Union gathering, two other women were injured in another road accident at Makindu while returning to Kirinyaga.


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