A prayer for Lenten humility

Christ in the Wilderness by Ivan Kramskoy. Photo: Public domain
Published March 1, 2024

FEATHER: Creator God, we, your children of creation, come before you in this prayer with humble and open hearts. Continue, we pray, to open our spirits and our understanding to you and lead us on the good path, so that we might become agreeable to you. Humble us that we might speak with peace and that we might serve each other to the betterment of our communities. Forgive us where we have failed and bless us that we might be true servants and a blessing to others who walk with us in this our journey of life and faith. This we pray, through Him who is the peacemaker, your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

SAGE: Through the Lenten season many Christians “give and take,” with prayer and reflection, seeking to become agreeable before the Almighty. Someone might give up a habit and/or take up a spiritual practice. To give up something of the self is an act of humility, and a greater act of humility is not calling attention to it—“My goodness, I’m incredibly humble; see what I’m offering of myself!” In Mark 9:33-37 the disciples argue about who is the greatest among them. Jesus, hearing their words, defines humility and speaks about service and sacrifice. The first, he says, must be the last, and in this He must be the ultimate example.

In this, our shared Lenten journey, what will you be talking about, and what lessons have you humbled yourself to? I bid you to keep our shared Indigenous Ministry in your prayers as we take on a new mandate. Pray for the Indigenous clergy and other leaders as they serve their communities and walk as examples of hope and peace in Christ. Finally, pray that we might all go forward in humility before God and creation, and for peace, healing and hope to all. A blessed Lent to everyone.


  • Archbishop Chris Harper

    Archbishop Chris Harper is national Indigenous archbishop of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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