2010 church calendar will have an Anglican Church-only focus

Published June 1, 2009

After producing a joint church calendar with the United Church of Canada for more than 40 years, the Anglican Church of Canada has decided to go it alone. Work is under way to produce the 2010 Canadian Church Calendar which will feature Anglican-only photographs of church settings across Canada. It will be available for sale in September.

The calendar is more than a century old, with the first edition being published in 1906 by the Missionary Society of the Church of England. The early versions depicted the work of missionaries and also provided information on the church year. In 1964, the missionary society selected Canadian Churchman, forerunner of the Anglican Journal, to take over the calendar.

It was first promoted and sold across Canada through the Women’s Auxiliary and later through Anglican Church Women.

The decision to produce an Anglican-specific calendar was endorsed by the Anglican Journal board. Larry Gee, advertising, business and financial manager of the Anglican Journal, says that “the newspaper’s share of proceeds from the sale of the Canadian Church Calendar represents approximately 10 per cent of its total revenue.

“It is an integral component of the budget. Our goal is to provide a calendar that we can all be proud of,” he said.


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