Youth meet primatial delegates over breakfast

Published June 22, 2007

The four candidates in tomorrow’s primatial election at Holy Trinity Church in Winnipeg agree that more can be done at the local level to promote youth initiatives.

“For people who are involved in the church, it’s great to have something at the national level but if it doesn’t happen locally I think we’re going to be in big trouble,” said Bishop Victoria Matthews of the diocese of Edmonton.

She, along with Bishop George Bruce of the diocese of Ontario, Bishop Fred Hiltz of the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and Bishop Bruce Howe of the diocese of Huron fielded questions from youth delegates to General Synod at a breakfast meeting yesterday.

Bishop Howe said young leaders can bring to the church “the kind of vitality and stimulation to make the church to be truly what it could be – which is more than it is now.”

Bishop Bruce said much could be done at the local level to promote youth initiatives but that “there needs to be some part of the national church budget for initiatives.”

Bishop Hiltz told the gathering of about 25 youth delegates that he has a “real commitment to honouring … the skills and talents and the prophetic voice, especially, of young people in church.”

Delegates to General Synod, the Anglican Church of Canada’s highest governing body, will elect the new primate at Holy Trinity Church in downtown Winnipeg.

The primate plays a variety of roles:  president of the General Synod, chair of both the Council of General Synod and the house of bishops. He or she also acts as chief executive officer of the staff of General Synod.

Half of his or her time is spent outside the office. The primate establishes a pastoral relationship with the entire Anglican Church of Canada through visiting parishes, dioceses and provinces by invitation. He or she also travels abroad to represent the Anglican Church of Canada and to fulfill his or her role as president of the Metropolitan Council of Cuba.



  • Art Babych

    Art is the former editor of Crosstalk, the newspaper of the Anglican diocese of Ottawa.

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