Vision TV features Anglican priest in Extreme Clergy series

Published July 7, 2008

“Are they foolhardy or are they brave?” This is but one of many questions explored about Rev. Bill Baldwin, a retired Anglican priest from the diocese of Ottawa, and his fellow Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) members on Vision TV’s series called Extreme Clergy.

The documentary on Mr. Baldwin and the CPT, Peace Pastor, takes viewers from “beautiful Jerusalem to the devastated West Bank city of Hebron,” and provides a “visual reminder of the ongoing tragedy that engulfs Palestinians and Israelis.”

The episode about Mr. Baldwin and the CPT, Peace Pastor, is being shown tonight, July 7, 3.30 p.m. ET/ 12:30 PT.

Peace Pastor is fast-paced, poignant and cinematographically beautiful; it makes viewers understand why Mr. Baldwin and his fellow CPT members “get in the way” to bring a message of peace. More importantly, one is transported to the heart of the conflict in the Middle East, and meets men, women and children, who are struggling to make the most of a very dire situation.

Extreme Clergy is composed of 13 half-hour episodes that follows priests, pastors, ministers and rabbis in the world’s most dangerous places and documents how they put their lives on the line in pursuit of social justice. The episodes offer “a rare glimpse of challenges faced and met by spiritual people struggling to better the lives of the poor, the embattled, and the desperate,” said the shows’ producers.

For instance, viewers will get a chance to meet Rev. Tina Simpson, who, despite travel warnings, takes her mobile clinic to bring health care to the poorest of the poor in rural Haiti. An episode, Combat Chaplains, offers a rare glimpse of military chaplains ministering to soldiers in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Closer to home is Rev. Ruth Wright, a United Church minister and pastor to the down and out of Vancouver’s East Side.

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