Tyndale College hires Tyndale the man

Published September 1, 1998

The Ontario Bible College/Ontario Theological Seminary in Toronto, the oldest and largest theological school in Canada, recently announced three significant changes. First, it has been re-named Tyndale College & Seminary in honour of William Tyndale, the 16th century pioneer of the English Bible who was martyred.

Second, the school has a new chancellor – Tony Tyndale. He’s a 13th generation descendent of William’s older brother, Edward. Dr. Tyndale was born in London and did graduate studies at Oxford and Cambridge and post-graduate work at the University of Toronto.

Third, Tyndale College & Seminary will be offering a doctor of ministry post-graduate degree program this fall that previously had been available only in the United States. The Ontario Ministry of Education and the international accrediting body, the Association of Theological Schools, have granted permission for Fuller Theological Seminary to offer its program at Tyndale. Fall registration is now under way.


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