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Published December 1, 2011

“They were as fed stallions in the morning: everyone neighed after his neighbour’s wife.”

This edgy biblical citation is from…

1. Leviticus
2. Isaiah
3. Ezekiel
4. Jeremiah
5. Job

Adiaphorist refers to…

1. A type of atheist in 3rd-century Greece
2. A moderate 16th-century Lutheran
3. One who believes the will of God cannot be transferred to human affairs
4. One who denies that Christ has both a human and divine nature

Please scroll down for answers

Answer to question 1: 4. Jeremiah 5:8

Answer to question 2: 2. From the Greek adiaphoros, meaning “making no difference, inconsequential,” an adiaphorist was a pragmatic Reformer who believed that certain practices condemned by Luther-such as the vestments worn by clergy in church-were irrelevant. This approach avoided unnecessary confrontation over non-essential issues.


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