Staff probe delay in Journal Appeal receipts

Published May 1, 2008

The Anglican Journal is investigating a delay in the mailing of receipts to readers who responded in December to the annual Journal fundraising appeal, said business manager Larry Gee.

“We’ve received at least 100 complaints. We’re concerned and embarrassed about this and we’d like to apologize,” said Mr. Gee. “We told people the receipts were mailed February 29 and we have found out they were postmarked March 10 and some people didn’t receive them until March 13.”

Mr. Gee said he is examining where the delay occurred in the receipt process. The information technology department of the church’s national office processes the receipts, which go to a mailing house and then to Canada Post.

About 2,000 receipts were affected from December donors, Mr. Gee said. The Journal will bring its receipt processing in-house this year. “We need to gain more control over the process to assure receipts go out more punctually,” he said.


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