St. James’ Cathedral approves makeover

Published February 1, 2009

Historic St. James’ Cathedral in downtown Toronto will undergo a $16 million renovation, which includes the construction of a cathedral centre.

The decision, reached after eight years of planning and negotiation with heritage groups, the surrounding neighbourhood, the cathedral community and the city of Toronto, was recently approved by the diocesan council and the cathedral’s vestry.

“The new part of the building will be very modern, glassy and light, and deferential to the cathedral itself,” said Dean Douglas Stoute, rector of St. James Cathedral and dean of Toronto.

The building will be designed to “open our space to the community and make us more transparent,” said Dean Stoute.

He said that the centre would bring “a breath of fresh air to a community that is growing rapidly.”

Construction of the new facilities is estimated at $7.2 million, while renovation of the parish house will cost $4.1 million.


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